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Maximizing the Benefits of Automated Demos

Demo Automation Consultation

Automated sales demos are powerful when executed carefully and strategically. Successfully using demo automation is more than recording a few demos. You only get the results by using a proven demo methodology.

At DemoScene, we believe in a comprehensive approach:

1. Understand your audience:

Dive into the needs and expectations of your target market, so you can create personalized content that speaks to them directly. Use industry language.

2. Use a proven demo structure:

A demo is not a sequence of features. The Great Demo! methodology delivers targeted “what’s in it for me?” benefits right up front, followed by rapid, targeted proof and further, more detailed exploration in accord with the audience’s level and depth of interest. Find more information in the segment ‘demo skills.’

3. Focusing on value-rich features:

Highlight the aspects of your product that deliver maximum value, addressing your audience’s pain points.

4. Crafting compelling narratives:

Develop stories that resonate with your clients. Make your demo engaging, informative, and memorable.

5. Preparing for different scenarios:

Ensure your automated demo is meeting the objective of the usage. An automated demo on a website should be set up differently from an interactive demo used in customer meetings by your sales team.

6. Continuously improving:

Track your demo’s performance, gather feedback, and refine your approach.

Elevate Your Demo Game with Our Consultation on Demo Automation

Efficiency is great, but automating a bad demo is a recipe for disaster. Automating demos saves time, but it can’t convince clients if the demo is lacking.

Why do bad demos fail to win deals?
1. Not addressing customer pain points
2. Focusing on features, not benefit
3. Sticking to a linear path from start to finish
4. Overcomplicating things
5. Confusing visuals with no clear message

We help you:

  • Creating automated demos using the tool of your choice
  • Delivering automated demos by your sales or presales team
Team Coaching

Training and Consultation on Demo Automation

Unlock the Power of Demo Automation by first optimizing your demos, and then automate. As seasoned trainers, we assist organizations to seamlessly integrate demo automation into their sales and presales strategies. Our hands-on training helps your team create compelling, personalized, and interactive demos that address your clients’ unique business issues, effectively convey your solution’s value proposition, and keep the audience engaged.

We help you to create demo videos, interactive demos and demo recordings. And we teach your team to deliver your automated demos.

Key benefits

Improve demonstration quality and effectiveness
Create customer-focused demos
Consistently communicate value
Increase probability of success for demo outcomes
Reduce the length of the sales cycles

Key pillars of our demo automation workshops

1. Customer-Centric: We train you to put your customers at the core of your demos. You’ll learn to tailor your demonstrations to prospects’ needs, ensuring that you showcase the value of your solution.

2. Do the Last Thing First: Skip the basics and go straight to the value proposition to capture your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. 

3. Conversational: Our training teaches you how to transform demos into a two-way conversation and adapt your demo on the fly.

You will learn how to

  1. Determine the right content for an automated demo.
  2. Organize the content in a novel, logical progression that maps to audience needs.
  3. Prepare demonstrations using the new method.
  4. Use and deliver automated demos and achieve the desired objectives.

Apart from the tangible benefits, refining your demo skills with Great Demo! also results in intangible advantages such as more attention to business outcomes and value, a consultative and solution-driven sales approach, and content customers.  

Empower Your Sales Team with Automated Demos

Unlock the potential of your team
Elevate your sales team to new heights with our expert training in demo automation. We teach your sales team how to use and successfully deliver demos, fostering a strong connection between your team and potential customers. Our training empowers your team to focus on the customer’s unique needs, ensuring every interaction adds value and drives the sale forward.

Transform Your Sales Approach
By integrating automated demos into your strategy, your sales team can become more efficient, adaptable, and effective. With our training, your sales team will not only become adept at using demo automation but will also develop a consultative, solution-driven sales approach that puts customer satisfaction at the forefront.
Together, we can transform your sales team, and consequently, your sales results. Let’s unlock the true potential of demo automation.

Empower Your Marketing Team with Automated Demos

Take your marketing strategies to the next level with demo automation. We provide comprehensive training on creating and deploying automated demos that not only impress your prospects but also integrate seamlessly with your marketing initiatives. Demo automation can help your marketing team to efficiently demonstrate your product’s capabilities and effectively communicate its unique selling proposition.

Tailor the customer journey
Our training enables your marketing team to tailor the customer journey like never before. Automated demos can be customized to address various personas or stages in the buyer’s journey, ensuring the right message is delivered at the right time. This leads to improved engagement, increased conversion rates, and a more personalized experience for your prospects.

Quantify Your Marketing Impact
One of the standout advantages of demo automation is its ability to provide insightful analytics. This allows your marketing team to understand viewer behaviour, gauge interest levels, and identify improvement areas. This data-driven approach empowers your team to make informed decisions, optimize your marketing strategies, and ultimately, contribute more effectively to your business goals.

Extend Your Reach
Automated demos can be easily shared across various digital channels, extending your product’s reach and amplifying your marketing efforts. Our training helps your team create compelling demo videos that can be effectively used in email campaigns, social media, landing pages, and more, providing a consistent narrative that aligns with your brand.

Customized Training for Your Needs
Our clients highly appreciate the depth of customization in our training programs. We tailor our training to your specific needs, your team, and your product, enabling you to design demos that resonate with your prospects and translate to increased sales.

 Our Collaborative Journey
We tailor our training and consultancy to your needs, industries, products and sales methodologies. We’ll create a plan together based on your goals and jointly identify areas for improvement. Our support continues even after the training ends, with a full year of guidance and assistance to ensure you’re confidently applying your newly acquired demo automation skills.

 Guided by Our Proven Framework
Trust our robust and tested Great Demo! framework to guide you in creating persuasive interactive demos, ensuring every critical feature of your product is effectively demonstrated and appreciated by your prospects.


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