Discovery skills training

Doing Discovery is the key to deliver Great Demos and win more deals

Discovery skills training

One of the most critical elements in sales cycles is to gather the necessary information to propose the right solution.

Improve your discovery skills in customer conversations and initial sales demos to increase success rates in identifying, progressing and closing business.

Your team learns how to better understand your customer, exploring pain and finding critical business issues, quantifying value, getting more from stakeholder conversations at different levels, and using customer success stories a discovery tools.

Sufficient Discovery is when:

  • You have collected sufficient information to confidently and clearly propose a precise solution;
  • Your prospect believes that you have sufficient understanding of their situation.

Key benefits of our discovery skills training

Decrease No-Decision
Consistently communicate value
Increase probability of success for demo outcomes
Reduce the length of the sales cycles
Expand opportunity breadth and depth
Becoming a trusted advisor

You will learn how to

  1. Expand prospects’ vision of their problems and bias towards your solutions.
  2. Enable value conversations getting past the ‘So What’.
  3. Commercially teach the customer about trends in the market.
  4. Connect customer success stories to the client’s business goals and objectives.
  5. Understand key elements and methods for conducting discovery within an overall framework.
  6. Apply and practice specific discovery techniques.
  7. Identify critical business issues and underlying problems.
  8. Facilitate value conversations by addressing the “So What” factor.
  9. Establish a relationship of trust with the client

Assessment your team’s discovery skills

Many sales and presales practitioners say they are skilled at doing Discovery – but are they? Here’s a simple method to assess, based on five levels of increasing proficiency:

Level 1: Uncovers statements of pain.
Level 2: Uncovers pain and explores more deeply.
Level 3: Uncovers pain, explores deeply, broadens the pain and investigates the impact.
Level 4: Uncovers pain, explores and broadens, investigates impact and quantifies.
Level 5: Uncovers pain, explores and broadens, investigates impact, quantifies and reengineers vision.

In-company workshops

Are your team’s discovery skills not at level 5? This will affect your conversation rates, your demos, your yearly revenue. Don’t worry; there are ways to improve! We offer Discovery skills workshops to elevate your team to level 5 or higher.

Tailored to you
Our customers highly value our three levels of customization. It is what sets us apart, and it’s one of the ways that we add value to their experience with us. 
Firstly, we tailor our workshops to your specific needs and your team’s. We identify problem areas and provide solutions that make a difference. 
Our second customization pillar centres on adapting the content to suit your software and industry. This ensures that the information is easily understandable and practical for your daily activities, enabling you to apply new skills quickly. 

Finally, we recognize that scheduling a workshop can be difficult. Whether it’s an in-person or online workshop, we are dedicated to making the process hassle-free. To accommodate your needs, our team is flexible and ready to collaborate with you to determine the best dates, times, and locations for your convenience. 

Our journey ahead
To ensure that we provide tailored training that aligns with your specific situation and objectives, we will schedule a few calls to exchange ideas, discuss your goals, and identify areas where your team needs improvement. 

Following that, we will require a deeper understanding of your software, customers, and typical scenarios. Therefore, we may request that you share a few recordings of your discovery calls. It will give us insights in the best way to improve your team’s skills and create a plan of action. This will also provide us with a better understanding of your software, industry, and typical customer situations. 

During our workshops, we strive to be flexible and accommodate each team member’s and individual’s specific needs to ensure that everyone can make the most of their learning experience. 

We want to reassure you that our support won’t end after the workshop. We’re committed to providing guidance and assistance for a whole year, so you can confidently apply your newly acquired skills. 

Let’s discuss how we can tailor a workshop to the needs of your team.


Why should we invest in our discovery skills?

Reducing Sales Cycle Time:
By understanding the client’s needs upfront, your sales process is more streamlined, reducing the time to close and increasing the overall efficiency of the sales cycle.

Personalized solutions:
You can tailor your software solution to the specific needs and pain points of the client. This personalization often makes the difference between closing a sale and losing a potential customer.

Building trust:
Effective discovery processes show the client that the sales team is genuinely interested in understanding their needs and providing a solution, rather than just making a sale. This builds trust and strengthen the relationship.

Increasing Sales Effectiveness:
Good discovery skills allow you to identify the most promising opportunities, which can save time and resources by focusing on the leads most likely to convert.

Reducing Churn:
When software is sold based on a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, the client is less likely to churn due to unmet expectations.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction:
A good discovery process can lead to more accurate product or solution recommendations, which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Job satisfaction of your team members:
– Winning just one or two more opportunities – to make quota.
– Winning just one or two more opportunities – to move to the next commission level.
– Winning just one or two more opportunities – to go to “President’s Club”.

What can you do to improve my discovery skills?

Here are a few paths to improvement: 

Increase Revenues: Doing Discover workshops to improve discovery skills focus on your specific objectives and situations in a workshop format.  This is the most effective method to realize substantive, ongoing improvements – often with increased revenues within the quarter.

Stimulate Thinking: Get a copy of Doing Discovery or purchase copies for your team.  The book presents how to achieve surprisingly improved demos – and it is an easy read on a plane flight.  It is available on in hardcopy, Kindle and Audiobook formats.

Ongoing Interest: Explore our Articles or our Blog for tips, thoughts, techniques, practices, and the occasional rant on demos, or join the Great Demo! Doing Discovery Group on LinkedIn. We post topics and ideas for discussion, tips, and information on new tools.  Group members contribute their thoughts, add comments to existing dialogues and raise new topics.

What research proves your discovery skills training works?

There are three dimensions to consider: 

1. What you ask  
2. How you ask it
3. When to ask which question

In our discovery skills workshops, we’ll focus on all three or have a focus on 1 – 2 of them.

Do you want to improve your discovery skills?