Great Connection!

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Great Connection!

New Offering for Remote Demos and Presentations – The Sad (But True) Situation – And a Solution!

Two thoughts:

  1. If your audience isn’t engaged, they won’t retain your message. 
  2. We rarely try something new in front of a customer.  And that’s the problem!

In spite of numerous blog posts, articles and webinars discussing tips and best practices of driving interactivity over the web, the sad truth is that most people simply haven’t made any changes to their practices.

How many web demos and presentations start with, “Can you see my screen?” – following by nothing but the presenter talking and clicking? 

Ask yourself, what do you do?  Are your audiences engaged?

When you ask your audience, “Any questions so far?” how often do you hear “Nope, we’re good…” or the chirp-chirp of crickets in an empty room?

If your audience isn’t engaged, they won’t retain your message.  The challenge is interaction – or, rather, the lack of interactivity.  This needs to improve to be effective over the web!

Introducing “Great Connection!” – Remote Demos and Presentations Coaching Sessions

These 90- to 120-minute sessions for small groups will have you connecting and driving interaction with your audiences effectively and confidently.

Do you want to improve your presales skills?