Presales Demo

Increases your Presales Demo

Presales Demo

Improve your Presales Demo

This is a presales consultant delivering his Great Demo! during the Great Demo! Workshop. First, the presales consultant reviews the customer situation and checks if he understands everything correctly with the customer. In this way, everybody is clear on what the customer is trying to solve. The presales consultant then presents an illustration of that end-result upfront, before even touching the software for the demo so the customer sees immediately where this is going. If it resonates with the customer, the presales consultant will start his demo. The first step for the presales consultant in his demo is to prove that the software is easy to use and is intuitive. He is doing this by going into the software and demo how he gets to that end-result in the fewest number of clicks.  Next, the presales consultant continues his demo by having a conversation with the customer and answering the customer’s questions instead of delivering a firehose of functions and features. Finally, the presales consultant gives a summary of the most important aspects of the demo so that the customer retains and remembers the key ideas he wants the customer to remember.

What has the presales consultant in his demo done in comparison to a traditional demo? He  turned it upside down, and he encrispened it.

Our Customers

Natasja shifted our thinking with edge-of-your-seat sessions and has showed us a whole new way of working on important aspects of the Presales domain. Besides our improved results, Natasja also improved the fun we have and value of our work!

Kevin Harmsen

Manager Presales at Raet

Systemation increased its win rate to 90% since working with Natasja. Her support during a deal motivates our team to perform at their best. In dry runs, her feedback is spot on. She pinpoints crucial elements in each step, as if she is the expert in our software.

Jaap Franse

CEO Systemation

Through a series of highly successful workshops, tailored to our needs, Natasja trained all our sales teams around the word. We continue to work with Natasja to change the way our sales teams engage with customers.

Markus Brosch

Unit head, Genedata

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