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Great Demo

Great Demo!

Establish a framework, including skills and processes, to create and deliver improved software demonstrations to increase success in the sales and deployment of your offerings.

  • Improve demonstration quality and effectiveness, by implementing a standard process and tools for demonstrations.
  • Establish and communicate clear objectives for each demo.
  • Increase probability of success for demo outcomes for real-life situations.
  • Improve communication, preparation and follow-up between sales and presales.
  • Reduce the cost of sales by using demos more judiciously.
  • Increase the average deal size and/or sell additional products and services.
  • Increase existing subscription expansion and renewals.
We customise our workshops to your solutions and target audience as well as to your sales methodology and the specific demo skills you would like to improve.

Doing Discovery

A proven sales discovery process will uncover your customers’ needs and pain points and is essential to understanding the heart of the problem that your potential customers are trying to solve.

Untangle their customer’s needs and solve them in less time than ever before.

This workshop will equip participants with a cohesive sales discovery process, transforming them into high-performing practitioners who exceed sales and customer service expectations. They’ll leave with an understanding of how to use these skills – saving them time – streamline processes, and identify exactly what their customers need most.

Great Demo
Great Demo

Great Demo! level 2

Workshop for Great Demo! graduates

“I love the Great Demo! framework, but I struggle with uncovering Critical Business Issues and finding Value statements. What is the best way to ask prospects about this?” If you don’t have this information, it is impossible to convey the value of your solution in your demo.

“We deliver many introductory demos without information about the prospect. After being in the call for 10-minutes, my colleague says “John, go ahead and show them a demo”. When I deliver the demo, I notice that the prospect is not as engagement as I would like them to be. How can I make this more engaging?” Vision Generation Demos are often not practiced in Great Demo! workshops and participants struggle to do them right.

Presales 3.0

Be a Thought Leader & Trusted Advisor

In today’s world, Presales consultants are more than just product experts; they are visionaries who are market leaders in IT and Business; most importantly, they are Thought Leaders and Trusted Advisors. This is what Presales 3.0 is all about, and it is the focus of our Presales Leadership Program.

This program consists of three modules, which can be delivered stand-alone or together presales trainingThe best results are achieved when you train your entire team.


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Presales modules

Being Followers to Becoming Leaders:

You will become (more) pro-active, take ownership, and challenge your sales colleagues.

If a sales colleague requests a presentation or a demo for a customer, the presales consultant asks for the objective of the customer’s meeting. Together, with their sales colleague, they establish the phase in the customer’s buying process to determine whether a presentation or a demo is the right action to take. If not, they jointly determine the best next step to achieve the best sales results.

Communication Functions to Conveying a Strong Vision:

You will become Thought Leaders and Trusted Advisors.

When a customer requests a presentation, are they really interested in all the features and functions of your solution? No, this time has long gone. Today’s customers are looking for sparring partners with a clear vision of their professional field. Today’s meetings need advisors who can empathize with their clients and prospects and develop a long-term vision with them. Together, conscious of the latest technological developments, they examine how the software is able to support the organization’s objectives. The product is no longer the key issue. Partnership and marking out a route towards that coveted dot on the horizon are of much greater importance. The consultant is actually transforming into a Trusted Advisor who jointly formulates a future-proof software strategy with a company.

Product-Focused to Customer-Centric Communication:
You build relationships of trust and present your solution from the point-of-view of the customer.

Imagine that you are a customer trying to select the right software solution for your Critical Business Issues. How would you feel if the vendor starts with a 45-minute presentation about themselves, continuing with a full detailed training about a product which you do not understand? It would be a waste of your time. So, why are you torturing your customers with this? You can stop this. It is not effective. So, what do you do instead?

Start by understanding your customer’s Critical Business Issues and needs and provide a solution to help the customer in achieving their goals. This is what you show in the first minutes of your presentation. If the customer is engaged, he will start asking you questions. In this way your meeting will turn into a dialog in which the customer feels he is leading.

Great Demo! Public Workshops in 2023:

Great Demo! Public Workshop

June 7 & 8, 2023 in Amsterdam

Great Demo! Public Workshop in Spanish

May 23 & 24, 2023 in Madrid

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