About The DemoScene

We believe that the highest learning curve will happen when skills are trained in combination with the to-be-sold product. We offer custom-made workshops focussing on directly applicable improvements to win more deals.

Natasja Bax Owner

Leveraging years of experience in presales and training/coaching, Natasja directly pinpoints the areas in need of improvement and maximizes the performance of individuals and teams in an energetic and uplifting manner. Her feedback is personal, honest, and always focused on the best results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our customers’ growth by helping them to connect with their customers and persuasively convey a powerful message.

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Let’s put the ‘pre’​ back into Presales

What We Do

The DemoScene focuses on helping you to persuasively convey a powerful message to your customers. We train you on how to be pro-active, ask the right questions, structure your presentation and demo, and deliver them in an engaging way.

Years of experience

With over 10 years as a presales consultant at SAP, 5 years training & coaching SAP resellers to improve their win-rate, 7 years as the owner of The DemoScene, and presenting countless workshops around the world, Natasja has the experience you need to win the deals you want!


Do you feel like your demo needs a makeover? Do you want to improve your Discovery skills? Or do you want to become a Thought Leader in your industry? Let the DemoScene help you pinpoint what needs to be improved and transform your software presentations into a success!


It’s all in the presentation! You may have a great message to convey, but if you don’t present it in an effective way, you lose your audience and the deal. The DemoScene is here to show you what works!


Without feedback, how do you know how well you are doing? Feedback is vital to the learning process. The DemoScene will provide you with feedback so you can continue improving and polishing your skills and demos. Sustainable improvement is our core value. That’s why we also teach you how to give feedback to your peers.

Best result

The DemoScene’s overall objective is to show you how to go from a mediocre performance to the best of your abilities! Together, we can achieve the best results, win the deals, and beat the competition!

Do you want to improve your sales demos?