Demo Skills

Increases your Demo Skills

Demo Skills

Improve your Demo Skills

Have You Ever Seen a Bad Software Demo?

If you are completely happy with the effectiveness of your organization’s software demonstrations, then browse further and read no further.

If you feel that your demos could improve, then invest the next thirty seconds to explore what we have to offer.  It may be the difference between a lost sale and a new customer or a delayed order vs. making your quarterly numbers.

We help organizations put the “Wow!” in their demos and make them effective, crisp, and compelling –engaging and capturing audiences within the first six minutes of a demonstration.

Many demonstrations teach customers “how” to use a software product – product training – and neglect communicating “what” the software enables the customer to achieve with regards to their business goals and objectives.  This results in bored audiences, uncompelling demos, key people leaving, and inconclusive meetings in the short term resulting in lost or delayed business overall.

There are two key areas of importance in software demonstrations:

  1. Gaining an understanding of the customer’s business issues and objectives
  2. Crisp, compelling delivery of the content

Do you want to improve your demo skills? We share how to ensure that you capture and communicate the information you need before you create or present your demonstrations.  We help you organize the content of your demos to address your customer’s key business issues – in the first few minutes of a demo.

The results are effective, focused demonstrations that satisfy VP’s and senior management, champions, users, IT and all other players – and close the business.

Here are a few paths to improve your team’s demo skills:

Increase Revenues:  Great Demo! Workshops focus on your specific objectives and situations in a Workshop format.  This is the most effective method to realize substantial, ongoing improvements in demo skills– often with increased revenues within the quarter.

Initiate Change:  Include a high-impact Great Demo! Seminar or Speaking Engagement in your next sales or marketing event to stimulate critical thinking and initiate change.  “I had an epiphany!” is a likely outcome…  Contact us to discuss or schedule.

Stimulate Thinking:  Get a copy of the Great Demo! book for yourself or purchase copies for your team.  The book presents how to achieve surprisingly improved demos – it is an easy read on a plane flight.  It is available on in hardcopy, Kindle, and Audiobook formats.

“If everyone just read and practiced chapter 1, the world would be a better place.” – Guy Kawasaki, author The Art of the Start.

Ongoing Interest:  Explore our Articles or our Blog for tips, thoughts, techniques, practices, and the occasional rant on demo skills, or join the Great Demo! Group on LinkedIn.  We post topics and ideas for discussion, tips, and information on new tools.  Group members contribute their own thoughts, add comments to existing dialogues, and raise new topics related to demo skills.

Please feel free to contact us to explore these ideas or discuss your specific situation!

Our Customers

Natasja shifted our thinking with edge-of-your-seat sessions and has showed us a whole new way of working on important aspects of the Presales domain. Besides our improved results, Natasja also improved the fun we have and value of our work!

Kevin Harmsen

Manager Presales at Raet

Systemation increased its win rate to 90% since working with Natasja. Her support during a deal motivates our team to perform at their best. In dry runs, her feedback is spot on. She pinpoints crucial elements in each step, as if she is the expert in our software.

Jaap Franse

CEO Systemation

Through a series of highly successful workshops, tailored to our needs, Natasja trained all our sales teams around the word. We continue to work with Natasja to change the way our sales teams engage with customers.

Markus Brosch

Unit head, Genedata

Do you want to improve your Demo Skills?